About Us

Community Solutions specialises in

Open Standards training, CI, Fiji, Dec 2015

Open Standards training, Conservation International, Fiji, Dec 2015

  • Natural resource and social planning
  • Project development and funding
  • Community consultation, facilitation & engagement
  • Policy development and advocacy support
  • Program and project evaluations

Our approach is to work collaboratively with clients to identify requirements and how these can best be met. Community Solutions has access to a number of like minded experienced professionals we collaborate with  to meet client needs.

Community Solutions’ clients include government agencies at all levels, large and small companies and community groups.

Recent clients include Conservation International, EDO’s of Australia, Humane Society International and NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

Current Director  – Philippa Walsh

Pip and Judy

Pip and Judy


In 2015 Philippa Walsh joined Community Solutions with 25 years experience in the conservation sector.

Philippa brings together strong policy and evaluation experience, a history of working with landscape scale initiatives and capacity to bring insights from a robust Australian and international network of conservation colleagues in both government and not for profit organisations.



Adaptive Management and Conservation Coaching

Philippa was introduced to the Open Standards for Conservation and Conservation Action Planning in the early 2000’s and has continued to use them in a number of organisational settings.  In 2006 Philippa worked cooperatively with The Nature Conservancy to introduce their version of the Open Standards (Conservation Action Planning) and establish a network of Conservation Coaches in Australia.  The Open Standards for Conservation are now used by leading NGO’s, a large number of Aboriginal corporations and increasingly recognised by Government as a practical and useful tool.

Since 2006 Philippa Walsh has has led or co-lead over 20 group training workshops in the use of the Open Standards.  Philippa provided individual and team support for the use of the Standards as a senior leader in Bush Heritage and Greening Australia for 10 years as both these institutions adopted the standards internally.

Past Directors

Judy Lambert

The experience Judy gained in more than a decade of work as a research scientist has been applied to policy development, the preparation of analytical and policy papers and liaison with a diverse range of conservation and resource use interests.

Many years working in a liaison position in Canberra and as Environmental Consultant to a Federal Environment Minister have ensured that Judy is very familiar with the federal public service and political processes. Her more recent Local Government experience is also invaluable in addressing urban sustainability.

Her early life on a farm still sees Judy taking a particular interest in rural resource management and bridging the gap between producers, scientists, governments and the community.

Judy continues to work on special projects for Community Solutions.

Jane Elix

Sadly, our colleague, former Community Solutions Director and wonderful friend Jane Elix passed away in July 2012. Read Jane’s obituary here.

Until December 2011 Jane had been working as a Senior Research Associate at the Australian National University. Her work was part of an ARC-funded research project called Women and Leadership in a century of Australian Democracy. The project examined women’s leadership within movements for social and political change in Australia, from the neighbourhood to the international level. Go to Jane’s blog for profiles on women leaders in the environment and consumer movements. For more info about the Women and Leadership project.

On a more personal level, some of Jane’s artwork can be viewed at